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Individual & Small Group Yoga Lessons Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Quarterly? There is no substitute for one-on-one yoga instruction. Whether you're new to yoga, already have a regular drop-in class or personal practice, are working with trauma, injury, illness, surgery, emotional challenges, or have an occasion you'd like to celebrate with friends or family, we can co-create classes or workshops to suit your needs in your home. Contact me for availability. $90 per hour. New Client Special: $250 for your first 3-session commitment (save $20).

Yoga Mojo at Work Would you or someone you know love to have a yoga wellness program at work? Help organize a 10-week or ongoing class & your yoga is FREE. Classes are created to meet your group's unique needs. Contact me for availability. $150 per hour or $1400 per 10-week session (save $100).


Ashtanga Vinyasa (Primary Series) is a vigorous moving meditation for injury-free practitioners of all experience levels, comprised of a traditional set sequence of sun salutations, standing, seated and finishing postures that not only build flexibility, strength, stamina and balance, but also develop focus, concentration, confidence and deep presence.

Gentle, Yin or Yoga Nidra are practices perfect for all abilities and ages, including those who are recovering from injury or dis-ease, or are simply looking for quiet, slower-paced moving or guided meditations. Experience the many benefits of yoga without the physical demands of a more vigorous class.

Meditation Medley is a nutritious feast of meditation practices for all abilities and ages, including those who are challenged by a decreased level of fitness, are recovering from injury or disease, or are simply looking for a quiet, slower-paced experience to support a more active lifestyle, this class offers an accessible medley of chanting, breathwork, gentle moving and sitting meditations. Cultivate deep presence as you ease into a more relaxed state of being.

Restorative Yoga is important for everyone. Whatever your age or ability, this is a great complement to more vigorous practices, and a sane way to manage the stress of modern times. This class invites the sweet state between wakefulness and sleep. Support your overall well-being by slowing down enough to simply be with your body breathing. Relax into the depths of silent presence, employing bolsters, blocks, blankets and other props, so you can enjoy all the benefits of a well-rounded yoga practice in an effortless way.

Singing Meditation is a gentle way to bring yoga to your voice, and to deepen community with the world and with others. No experience is needed to build vocal flexibility, strength, confidence and ease, while relaxing the mind into deep presence with simple songs from all over the world. Since your voice is the main way you communicate, why wouldn't you include it in your yoga practice?

Vinyasa (synchronized breath and movement) is excellent for active beginners and accessible to all levels of experience. This well-rounded practice includes and intelligently sequenced flow of sun salutations, standing and seated postures, as well as singing meditation, breathwork, and sitting meditation. Cultivate living more deeply into your days...physically present, mentally clear, emotionally balanced, spiritually connected and responding more consciously to all of your experiences.

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